Wikipedia panel discussion


Wikipedia panel discussion

Day 2 of NDF 2015, 11.00am Wednesday 14 October 2015

Courtney Johnston, Stuart Yeates, Mike Dickison, and Sara Barham

Wikipedia remains a tantalising proposition for institutions rich in collections, research and relationships. At the same time, formulating a worthwhile project can be difficult, and entering the Wikipedia community ? and acquitting yourself well ? can be problematic.

For this panel discussion, Courtney Johnston will present on The Dowse’s recent project adding biographies of New Zealand craft artists to Wikipedia, focusing on the issue of conflict of interest. Stuart Yeates and Mike Dickison, who both advised on The Dowse’s project, will expand on where the project was successful and what could have been done better, and what unique propositions other institutions offer for engagement with Wikipedia. Sara Barham will join the discussion from the perspective of a library/archives-focused institution in New Zealand, currently undertaking its own project.

Sara Barham is Senior Analyst, Web Enablement (Government Information Services) at The Department of Internal Affairs.

Mike Dickison is Curator of Natural History at Whanganui Regional Museum. His PhD research at Duke University was on the evolution of flightless birds, and he works on Whanganui’s moa collection. He taught digital literacy at the University of Canterbury’s Learning Skills Centre, and runs Whanganui Wiki Wednesday, a community Wikipedia group.

Courtney Johnston is the director of The Dowse Art Museum and a past board member and conference convenor of the National Digital Forum. @auchmill

Stuart Yeates is a Wellington-based Wikipedian with more than ten years experience editing Wikipedia.