Why is it important to be on Wikipedia?


Why is it important to be on Wikipedia?

Since its launch in 2001, Wikipedia has become the world’s largest encyclopedia, cataloging information about millions of people, businesses, events, places, and services worldwide.

These days, having a solid web presence means being on Wikipedia. There is a growing consensus among web users that if something is not on Wikipedia, then it doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.

Wikipedia articles often appear on the first page of search engines. If someone conducts a web search about you or your business, chances are they’ll find your Wikipedia page before they find your official website.

Many viewers prefer to receive information about you and your company from Wikipedia rather than from your site.
This is due to three main reasons:
? First, Wikipedia is easy to use. Wikipedia’s familiar uniform design allows users to find the information they need quickly and with little effort. In an age where many corporate websites remain mobile unfriendly, won’t load properly without the right plugins, or bury important information on hard-to-find pages, Wikipedia provides a consistent straightforward design that allows users to focus on content rather than waste valuable time deciphering the programmer’s vision.
? Second, The tone in Wikipedia articles is neutral. Modern-day web-savvy viewers don’t want to be told what to think. They want to receive the facts and make up their own minds. So, it’s no surprise that they prefer the neutral factual tone of Wikipedia articles to the one-sided rhetoric they encounter on a company’s website.
? Finally, Wikipedia allows for streamlined research. With over 3 billion page views per month, Wikipedia profiles show up consistently on top of most Google searches. Inlaid links to related Wikipedia pages and outside reference sources streamline the research process and save viewers valuable time.

So, why is it important to be on Wikipedia?

The simple answer is, a Wikipedia page increases your online visibility and establishes credibility in your particular field.

Compelled by Wikipedia’s ease of use, neutrality, and streamlined research capabilities, many viewers begin their research on Wikipedia rather than in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

So, our question for you is this: if the media is writing about you and if people are searching for you, can you afford NOT to be on Wikipedia?

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