Truth In Numbers – The Wikipedia Movie | trailer US (2010)


Truth In Numbers – The Wikipedia Movie | trailer US (2010)

following ” The Social Network – The Facebook movie “, here is the Wikipedia movie !!!
in selected screenings now as well as on DVD
Genre: documentary
Regie / directed by: Scott Glosserman & Nic Hill
Darsteller / cast: Jimmy Wales , Noam Chomsky , Richard Branson , Lawrence Lessig , Howard Zinn , Bob Schieffer , Jaron Lanier , Stephen Colbert

After viewing this film, you will never look at Wikipedia the same way. The filmmakers engagingly explore the history and cultural implications of one of the most referenced sites on the Web. A whole range of opinion is expressed about the impact of Wikipedia on the archiving of learning, from interviews with founder Jimmy Wales to commentators suspicious of the site’s supposed neutrality. Evenhandedly weaving multiple perspectives about the impact of Wikipedia, the film provokes a deeper conversation on how knowledge is formed and what future generations will learn about history and the world.

Kinostart Deutschland: 2011
Kinostart USA: 2010
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