The Truth According To Wikipedia – (vpro backlight documentary – 2008)


The Truth According To Wikipedia – (vpro backlight documentary – 2008)

Google or Wikipedia? Those of us who search online — and who doesn’t? — are getting referred more and more to Wikipedia. But do we really know what we’re using? Backlight plunges into the story behind Wikipedia and explores the wonderful world of Web 2.0. Is it a revolution, or pure hype? Only five people are employed by the company, and all its activities are financed by donations and subsidies. In this film, “Wikipedians,” the folks who spend their days writing and editing articles, explain how the online encyclopedia works.

Wiki’s Truth introduces us to the main players in the debate: Jimmy Wales (founder and head Wikipedian), Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia, now head of Wiki spin-off Citizendium), Andrew Keen (author), Phoebe Ayers (a Wikipedian), Ndesanjo Macha (Swahili Wikipedia, digital activist), Tim O’Reilly (CEO of O’Reilly Media), Charles Leadbeater (philosopher and author), and Robert McHenry (former editor-in-chief of Encyclopedia Britannica).

The questions surrounding Wikipedia lead to a bigger discussion of Web 2.0, a phenomenon in which the user determines the content. Examples include YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and Wikipedia. These sites would appear to provide new freedom and opportunities for undiscovered talent and unheard voices, but just where does the boundary lie between expert and amateur?

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2008.
? VPRO Backlight April 2008

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Direction: IJsbrand van Veelen
Interviews: IJsbrand van Veelen / Marijntje Denters / Martijn Kieft
Research: William de Bruijn / Marijntje Denters
Producer: Judith van den Berg
Commissioning editors: Jos de Putter / Doke Romeijn
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.