Scalp Microblading Will Create Semi-Permanent 3D Hair on Your Head if You Need It


Nobody Will Know You Have Scalp Micropigmentation Except People You Will Chose to Tell 

Little hairs (resembling slices or lines) look really like natural hair firstly because of unique technique, secondly due to accurately and carefully chosen pigment shadow. What a relief for people who are shy because of their hair imperfection!

Yes, nowadays we can do everything. Are your lips too thin and featureless? - Paint them up with lipstick. Don´t you like your eyelashes? - Buy a good mascara! Are you angry with hair above your upper lip? Get rid of it by laser epilation!   Are you sad because of the lack of your hair? -  Tattoo them up! Of course not by yourselves, just go to experts. There are many special clinics with experience and plenty of satisfied clients. Look at before and after pictures, read references, compare prices… It is interesting that prices differ much in various countries. For example, in the Czech Republic you can have new hair cheaply in case you don't mind travelling. 

Excellent Service for Both Men and Women

If you think that scalp microblading is only for men because women don't get bald you simply are not right. Men are predisposed to have less or even no hair so they can cope with it easily. They can camouflage bald spots on heads but they can also shave their heads, smile slightly and feel well.  A woman who starts losing her hair has a reason to feel very unhappy. She is losing her pride, a symbol of femininity, a very essential part of her appearance (excluding exceptions). It is a kind of shame to wear wigs and other accessories hiding the fact that the hair isn't what it used to be. In this point of view scalp microblading appreciates women as well as men. The contribution to regaining their self- confidence is not negligible in women's case. 

A minor problem with fading is solved easily

There is a minor inconvenience with the scalp microblading. This technique deposits pigment into the upper region of the dermis, so it fades more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques, which deposit pigment deeper. What does it mean for the person who has already undergone this procedure? Top-up sessions are needed each 2 or three years to intensify the colour and make some corrections. So keep it in mind and don't forget to see a big advantage of this - microblading doesn't have to be removed when someone decides he doesn't need fake hair anymore (for example in advanced age), it will simply disappear.

All you need is Courage

If you really feel your hair condition is a sore problem, just do the first step - contact a special clinic. It is almost as easy as changing your hairdo. Microblading is a technique which really works. Risks are null, side effects (red skin) are minimal and very short lasting, life restrictions are bearable and short term, too. Experts will give you advice and will meet all your requests. You will be surprised how much your life will change.

Why is hair connected with feminine beauty? Do you like bald, short- haired or long- haired men? What are the advantages and disadvantages of losing hair for men and women?