How has Wikipedia impacted music encyclopedias?


How has Wikipedia impacted music encyclopedias?

Laurenz L?tteken, Anna-Lise Santella, and Harry White discuss how the advent of Wikipedia has impacted the field of musical reference works.

A group of distinguished academics and publishers discuss ?Referencing music in the twenty-first century: Encyclopedias of the past, present, and future?. This was for a conference organized by The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centers (IAML) and the International Musicological Society (IMS). The purpose of the conference was to grapple with ?Music Research in the Digital Age? and the changes and challenges therein. The conversation was wide ranging and covered topics as diverse as Wikipedia, Jean-Jacques Rousseau?s early music dictionary, and Irish musical lexicography. The participants were Anna-Lise Santella, Editor of Grove Music Online, Don M. Randel, Editor of the Harvard Dictionary of Music, Harry White, Co-general Editor of EMIR, Hanns Werner Heister, Co-editor of the KDG, Laurenz L?tteken, Editor in Chief of MMG, Tina Fr?hauf, Editor of RILM, and ?lvaro Torrente of the Diccionario de M?sica Espa?ola e Hispanoamericana.

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