Los mejores TROLEOS en Wikipedia!

Los mejores TROLEOS en Wikipedia!

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Los mejores TROLEOS en Wikipedia!
Una pequeña recopilación de troleitos asquerositos XDDD y reflexión final cagándome en los haters de wikipedia de regalo e_e!!
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Difference Between Wikipedia and Encyclopedia

Difference Between Wikipedia and Encyclopedia

Wikipedia vs encyclopedia . Difference between
Key difference wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia, which contains user uploaded information, while encyclopedias are general reference detailed books, here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet. Hope this information will helpful to get idea in brief about this. There are a number of differences between wikipedia and encyclopedia, though they both perform the same duty of distributing knowledge to best answer people who write for encyclopedias are specifically hired for their writing skills, research skills, content knowledge, etc below information will help you to get some more though about the subject this page examines the differences between wikipedia’s outline of knowledge and the encyclopaedia britannica’s outline of knowledge (presented in its the word encyclopedia comes from the koine greek , there are some broad differences between encyclopedias and dictionaries a diff is a web page displaying the difference between one version and another of a wikipedia page. A particular version of a page is called a ‘revision’; Each anyway if you want for more info, you would better continue reading. What is the difference between wikipedia and other wikis? the term wiki is a generic term meaning a web site where anyone can change any page at any time the difference is that encyclopaedias are pointless because wikipedia exists, is broader, deeper, more frequently reviewed and updated and on wikipedia, anyone can give you an answer. It can aslo be biased information. Encylopedias are actual info given by scientist and infonologists.So the answer confused about the differences between mediawiki, wikimedia, wikipedia is a wikimedia project that is a global, free and multilingual internet encyclopedia wikipedia, free internet based encyclopaedia, started in , that a troubling difference between wikipedia and other encyclopaedias lies in it wasn’t the ultra expensive encyclopedia britannica, but rather the thinner, more modestly priced world book. The printed britannica’s days have been numbered for well over a decade, and it’s not wikipedia that foretold its demise. In some respects, especially its coverage of google today introduced knol, a wikipedia style encyclopedia that anyone can edit but with some major differences a) wikipedia has one difference between wikipedia and encyclopedia, , wikipedia encyclopedia search, wikipedia encyclopedia , wikipedia encyclopedia online, wikipedia it’s been over five years since the landmark study in nature that showed few differences in accuracy between wikipedia and the encyclopedia encyclopedias, and was widely regarded as authoritative (greenstein difference between wikipedia and britannica articles, the number of the most striking differences between wikipedia and wikibooks have to do with the nature of the projects. Encyclopedia articles and textbooks simply aren’t the
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Wikipedia vs encyclopedia . Difference between. More interesting heading about this are difference between wikipedia and encyclopedia. What is the difference between encyclopedia and wikipedia? . Yahoo below topics also shows some interset as well wikipedia comparison of wikipedia’s and britannica’s outlines of encyclopedia wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Help diff wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hope you will get rough idea as well wikipedia press kit wikipedia,

Wikipedia Challenge – Feat. BasicallyIDoWrk

Wikipedia Challenge – Feat. BasicallyIDoWrk

Jeremy from Achievement Hunter and Marcel (BasciallyIDoWrk) compete in the battleground of Wikipedia. Who will be the first to get from one obscure thing to another using only the links on the page? If this battle isn’t enough, there’s another completely different fight available to watch on Marcel’s channel here: http://bit.ly/1rYg7iW || Get a Let’s Play Logo shirt and update your style, too! http://bit.ly/1T4eJXj

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The History of Wikipedia (in two minutes)

The History of Wikipedia (in two minutes)

This is a short video about how the online information repository Wikipedia came into being.

NOTE: This video is intended to be a very simple overview of the Wikipedia project. With that said, the video does gloss over Larry Sanger’s contributions to Wikipedia, and it oversimplifies his reasons for leaving the project. As pointed out by Larry Sanger himself, Mr. Sanger did approve of, and support Wikipedia as a free, open source, online encyclopedia; however, he was critical of “certain aspects of the Wikipedia project.”

More information on Larry Sanger’s role in Wikipedia’s development, and his criticism of the model, can be found here:


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Natalie Portman Is a Human Wikipedia

Natalie Portman Is a Human Wikipedia

Back when she was at Harvard, Natalie Portman booked The Roots, but not Jimmy, to perform for her classmates.

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Natalie Portman Is a Human Wikipedia



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KenFM zeigt: Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia

KenFM zeigt: Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia

Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia.
Ein Film von Markus Fiedler und Frank-Michael Speer

Download des kompletten Skriptes zum Film unter http://www.terzmagazin.de/terz/film/dokumentarfilm-wikipedia

Seit 2014 wird der Brockhaus, eines der renommiertesten Enzyklopädien der Welt, nicht mehr überarbeitet herausgegeben, also auf Papier gedruckt. Viele werden das gar nicht mitbekommen, denn sie informieren sich längst bei der Konkurrenz: Wikipedia, der größten Online-Enzyklopädie der Welt. Das revolutionäre an Wikipedia gegenüber dem Brockhaus ist die Art und Weise, wie Informationen gesammelt und archiviert werden. Die Datenbank der Wikipedia basiert auf der Schwarmintelligenz. Jeder kann einen Artikel anlegen, redigieren oder ergänzen. Damit man sich auf das Wissen von Wikipedia verlassen kann, existiert hinter der Datenbank ein Korrektiv, das Änderungen sämtlicher Nutzer vor der Freischaltung überprüft. Sinn und Zweck dieser Struktur hinter Wikipedia ist, dass die Datenbank neutral und wissenschaftlich korrekt bleibt. Nur ist sie das wirklich?

In naturwissenschaftlichen Bereichen lautet die Antwort eindeutig ja. Hier ist Wikipedia durchaus eine Quelle, die als vorbildlich bezeichnet werden kann. Geht es allerdings um aktuelles Zeitgeschehen oder Personen, die sich mit aktuellem Zeitgeschehen auseinandersetzen, wird Wikipedia immer dann parteiisch, wenn Artikel, die sich zum Beispiel mit Terrorismus beschäftigen, vom Mainstream abweichen. Immer, wenn eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit in der Analyse einem US-amerikanischem Weltbild zuwider läuft, wird ausschließlich die Sicht der US-Organisation Wikipedia veröffentlicht. Der Autor der alternativen Sicht erhält im Gegenzug schnell einen Eintrag als Verschwörungstheoretiker oder wird zusammen mit Holocaust-Leugnern aufgelistet.

Dieses Mobbing dient der Verleumdung und hat System. Die Filmemacher Markus Fiedler und Frank-Michael Speer weisen in ihrer Dokumentation „Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia“ nach, dass hinter der Struktur der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia ein spezieller Personenkreis agiert, der es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat oder womöglich auch beauftragt wurde, jegliche Kritiker US-amerikanischer Politik zu diskreditieren. Die Leistung der beiden Filmemacher besteht vor allem darin, die anonymen Wächter zu enttarnen.




How to create a New Wikipedia Account? Wikipedia Hindi video

How to create a New Wikipedia Account? Wikipedia Hindi video

http://www.kyakaise.com How to create a New Wikipedia Account? What is Wikipedia and who started it? Learn from this Hindi video.

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Wikipedia Kya hai? Wikipedia par naya account kaise banate hain? Is asaan Hindi/Urdu video se seekhiye

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McDONALDS to HITLER! – The Wikipedia Challenge w/BasicallyIDoWrk

McDONALDS to HITLER! – The Wikipedia Challenge w/BasicallyIDoWrk

McDONALDS to HITLER! – The Wikipedia Challenge w/BasicallyIDoWrk
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10 Articles Banned From Wikipedia

10 Articles Banned From Wikipedia

10 Articles Banned From Wikipedia

Heavy metal music, weed, and radio stations have all been deleted from Wikipedia. Watch the clip to find out what the authorities have tried to stop you learning about.

10 Countries that Censor the Internet – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQOXkEU-0T0&list=UUGi_crMdUZnrcsvkCa8pt-g

10 Countries That Have Blocked YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tk5xZFBwho&index=108&list=PLec1lxRhYOzvy5GFfvGYitqrL2KgOwdBJ

Music= Realpolitik by Lincoln Grounds, Jason Pedder , Barrie Gledden, Ben Ziapour

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